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Compliance Resolution Opportunity (CRO)

The purpose of the OSV CRO program is to allow health centers to resolve preliminary findings of non-compliance identified during the OSV via the Compliance Resolution Opportunity (CRO).

After the OSV, but before the OSV report is finalized by HRSA, HRSA will send a request to submit documentation to resolve these preliminary findings of non-compliance.  These will be sent through Electronic HandBook (EHB).  

You will have 14 calendar days from the date of the EHB correspondance request to respond.  If the response is acceptable, HRSA will not apply a condition for that element.  If your response is unacceptable, HRSA will apply a progressive action condition for each non-compliant element.  

FQHC Consultants is here for you!  We guarantee that our assistance during this process will result in no condition for the non-compliant element.  If for any reason your non-compliant element becomes a condition, we will stand behind you and, at no additional charge, work with you through the process to get the condition removed! 

Contact us before your exit conference to engage for a nominal retainer fee.  This covers our review of your notes of non-compliance (in many cases, a consultant can listen in on your exit conference as scheduling allows).  If it ends up you have no conditions, you get this refunded or you can use the retainer how you like on any FQHC Consultants, Inc. services for the next 12 months at the reduced client hourly rate.  

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