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‚Äčoperational Dashboards (Key Performance Indicators)

Many health centers have great operations and perform well in their clinical and financial measures.  Many have excellent Quality Improvement/Quality Assurance Programs (QI/QA).  We guide our clients to use this framework across the operation to fuel transformation.  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)  such as patient access times, visit cycle times, productivity measures including Relative Value Unit (RVU) analysis, and various costs per visit and RVU are benchmarked against internal targets and baselines, private industry KPIs, as well as national and state health center data.

This addition of operational and financial KPIs  to the more traditional clinical KPIs and including them in the QI/QA process transforms health centers into highly performing ones.  Engaging the finance and operations staff in the QI/QA process with measures for which they are accountable firmly solidifies teams across the organization.

A reporting platform is built specific to your health center including a weekly dashboard and a monthly operating review.  The weekly dashboard concentrates on provider productivity, patient access measures, phone system performance, utilization, and other KPIs important to your health center's success.  The Monthly Operating Review adds financial and quality measures with a monthly roll-up of the weekly dashboard to give an "at a glance" dashboard for the key staff, board of directors, providers, and support staff to see how the system is performing.  

The dashboard is specific to the provider and can be enhanced for specific reporting of service areas, service sites, or any combination of these.  Once this platform is launched in your health center, our staff can be engaged to help monitor the reports and give recommendations, best practices, and suggest levers to enhance operations.  Many health centers find that simply launching this system showing the achieving of metrics (shown in green), opportunities for success (shown in red), and improved performance approaching success (shown in yellow) cause system transformation, sparked productivity, and a new ownership of activities by staff at all levels.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A PRESENTATION


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