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​HRSA Reporting AND FILINGS (Ehb)

All Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) grantees and look-a-likes must report on a number of operational and quality issues annually.  We offer reporting services for filing HRSA reports including, but not limited to, Uniform Data System (UDS), Federal Financial Report (FFR), Budget Period Report (BPR), and project-specific reporting including capital grants, outreach and enrollment, and others .

For full reporting required for specific health centers, if appointed, we monitor the Electronic Hand Book (EHB) site specific to your health center for tasks due and other deadlines and keep you compliant!  We can simply review reports and give a second opinion before you submit or build them from the ground up.  While we are never listed as authorizing officials in EHB for your health center, we are listed as single points of contact (SOPs) and business officials on many for this monitoring service.

We can also act as your HRSA Electronic Hand Book (EHB) representative to file any additional grants, update your forms 5A, B and C for scope, file Changes in Scope, and other submissions as they are necessary to keep your health center compliant.  


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