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No two health centers are alike.  While there are 19 requirements all HRSA grantees are required to meet, each health center is tasked with meeting them specific to their operation, their community, and the needs of their community. The framework of the entire consulting engagement, no matter what the client needs, is always centered on the 19 HRSA program requirements and compliance with them while balancing sustainability of the health center.


This makes consulting in this aspect of the healthcare industry a dynamic, rewarding and challenging environment for our consulting team.  Our secret to success is the ability to streamline our approach to meet your specific needs and enhance  your success while meeting the HRSA requirements. 


We start with a quick analysis of each new client, at no charge, to develop a profile of their system and understand their operation, their vision, and understand their approach to meeting the HRSA standards.  We review their UDS reports and develop a financial and operational picture to guide us in delivering the best care possible for that system. 


We then review with the client the reason they called us in and, using the information gained during our quick analysis, an engagement including a detail scope of services is developed to meet the needs.  We then engage and continue to offer support and technical assistance as long as the client needs us.